Relationship Anxiety

Meeting with a Former Spouse

There are many people who chose to divorce a cheating spouse, and most of them are never given the satisfaction of hearing that person knew they made a mistake. It will no longer matter after they have healed from the damage, but most of them might never be ready to face that person ever again. They might see it as a trial, or they could be afraid their old feelings for that person could surface. Some of them still feel anger buried deep within their hearts, and they would rather not experience it directly by seeing the person who treated them so callously.

An accidental meeting

Not all former spouses remain in the same area, and some of them will move if it is at all possible. They would rather start a new life somewhere else, and it helps if they can avoid the memories of their bad marriage. Those who cheated on their former spouses often understand they are unwanted, and they will do their best to avoid them. There are times when an accidental meeting takes place, and the results can vary widely. Those who are still angry can become ferocious, but others can be completely indifferent if they have had enough time to move on to a new and better relationship.

Dealing with visitation

Divorced couples who have children will often have to find ways to share custody and keep up visitation schedules, and it can be difficult for the spouse who was victimized. They are forced to see the person who betrayed them, and they must share their children with the abuser. Some cheating spouses marry the person they had an affair with, and it can cut even deeper if this person shows up to take the children for the weekend. Many modern couples in this situation rely on family and friends to make the exchange so they will not have to deal with their former spouse.

A new partner

Those who cheat on their spouses often suffer from insecurity, and they are generally not pleased to find their former spouse has a new partner. They tend to try to upset them by demanding the person have no contact with their children, or they might apply to the court for full custody. Judges are often unlikely to grant their petition if there is proof of their infidelity, so much of their threats are nothing more than bluffs. They are appalled the person they left behind is enjoying life again, but they will have to learn to live with their mistakes.

There is a heavy price for those who cheat on their spouses, but it is often easy enough to keep a secret in modern society. Their insecurities are still with them, and their lack of faithfulness is how they medicate their problems. Those who did not cheat might let their anger overwhelm them for a time, but they will eventually be able to move on to a new and healthy relationship with a person who truly earns their love.