Relationship Anxiety

Heartbreak of the Extra Marital Affair

When two people make a commitment to build their future together, the majority of them expect their partner will remain faithful to them for the rest of their life. A person who has made their own commitment might fail to realize their partner is unwilling or unable to follow through completely on that commitment, and they will experience the heartbreak of the extra marital affair. It will be a trying time in their life, and no amount of wisdom will be able to keep them from being emotionally wounded by what their partner has done.

The cheater

Just as there are two people in a relationship, there are two people who will experience the fallout from an affair outside of the marriage. The cheater might appear to be better off when the couple breaks up, and it is generally due to the fact they believe they have already found their new partner. They work hard to convince their current partner that it is their own fault for the affair, but the truth is that they are the ones who are avoiding responsibility for their actions. This behaviour will haunt them until they make fundamental changes in their lifestyle and outlook, but few of them realize it at the time.

The victim

The person in the relationship who remained faithful often feels they are the victim of their intimate partner, but they need to move past that feeling as soon as possible. Rather than wallowing in grief over their dead relationship, they need to pick up the life they had before their current commitment. Going out and having fun is a necessary ingredient to returning life to normal, and they should make sure they begin dating as soon as possible. It will ease the strain of the break up, and it will help them heal faster from the emotional pain caused by the incident.

Dating again

When a person has a cheating partner, they often spend months being isolated as they try to understand what went wrong. They need to move on, but few of them feel ready to resume dating again. For those that need a little help for a professional source, dating agencies have many ladies who can ease the awkwardness of spending time with a new person. It is a way to regain normality in a world that feels turned upside down, but it can be a good way to give happiness another chance.

Committed relationships in the modern world are often difficult to maintain, and there are people who see nothing wrong with having an extra marital affair. They are unconcerned about the pain it will cause their partner when it becomes public knowledge, and they care only about satisfying their own needs. While they will eventually suffer the consequences of their actions, it is of little help to the emotionally wounded partner they left behind. Getting out and dating again can be the best way for their former partner to regain their life, and there are many rewards awaiting them if they choose to take that first step.